About Travco

When I, Travis Jensen, began designing clothing, I wanted to design simple clothing that had some actual meaning to it. I was tired of supporting large-scale clothing companies that didn’t really stand for anything good. Because of this, I ordered all the equipment; the heat press, the cutting machine, the blank t-shirts and got creative with the intention of bringing light to a dark world through clothing.

Prior to this, I had always been inspired by seeing people wear Christian clothing. I always viewed it as such a major statement to a secular world, and I wanted to see more of it. The past two years I have noticed an awakening in the body of Christ. People have had to let go of things they loved, and to cope with this, many sought the Lord. Christians began to publicly express their faith through social media, their clothing, and how they acted, and I wanted to see this trend continue to multiply, so I got involved.

I have always believed that God is absolutely good and that no matter how bad things get, in the end, God wins. Scripture assures us that we are the hands and feet of our God, put here for a reason, to be the salt and light of the world as described in Matthew 5:14-16. The world needs saving, and that can only be done through Christ Jesus, so let's work to spread His truth by putting His image out there for the world to see.