Ambassador Program


Use this program to share Jesus with a secular world in need of saving. Join the ambassador community to receive up to 35% commission on successful sales and rewards! 


How does it work? Will I get paid? 

The Travco Ambassador Program is simple- ambassadors will get rewarded for the sales they generate. Each Ambassador is given a personalized sharable discount code that they get to share with others which gives the buyer 15% off their order, and since they used your code, you will be paid out in the following ways for each successful referral purchase as a reward:

  • Percentage of Sale Commission (15%-35% commission of sale paid out through Venmo and PayPal)
  • Cash Rewards (paid out through Venmo and PayPal)
  • Free Store Merchandise
  • Store Credit

Each Ambassador will be given various goals per week and based on completion and objective will receive payouts in the forms of payment above. 

Why should I become a Travco Ambassador? 

I created the Travco Ambassador Program to give individuals who are passionate about their faith a platform and reason to share Jesus Christ with a secular world. I believe that Christian Clothing pieces are an inspiration to many and it can draw many near to Christ, and by becoming an ambassador, people like you will have the ability to push Christian content and Christian merch to people around the world in hopes that the Christian community can rise and be strengthened. 


Percentage of Sale Commission

The more sales you get, the higher percentage of the sale you get! Observe the table below:

Possible Earnings per Sale

1-4 total sales 15% commission of sale
5-9 total sales 20% commission of sale
10-14 total sales 25% commission of sale
15-19 total sales 30% commission of sale
20+ total sales 35% commission of sale


How you can maximize Profits

If done right, this could be an excellent side-hustle. The more sales you generate,  the more you pocket. Here's some ideas on how to do this:

  • Share your custom code with family and friends (via text, social media, and in-person referrals)
  • Put Travco's site link in your instagram bio
  • Post and tag photos and videos with your Travco merch on social media 
  • Share my page's content with your referral code!  

How do I become a Travco Ambassador?

Simply click the link below and fill out the application! Once accepted, you will get a custom discount code to share and how much money you make is up to you! 

Apply here